The Great Food Truck and Treat Festival

October 8th was The Great Food Truck and Treat Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds and of course my husband and I HAD to go! MG Events and Design put on this event as well as The Great American Food Truck Festival that we went to last year. (If you haven’t seen that post yet, go ahead and check it out. Delicious!).  I was really excited to attend another one of their festivals since the last one was such a success. Halloween was only a few weeks away, so this year they added the “Treat” portion of the event. Everyone was invited to bring their kids dressed in costumes and go from truck to truck, and also visit the vendors for candy! What a fun idea. We did bring our kids along but no costumes for us. This is mainly because I’m not organized enough to plan ahead, but we had so much fun seeing everyone dressed up and the kids kept pointing out characters they knew. Okay, let’s jump right into things. Let me show you the food trucks and our tasty finds!

Our first stop was Flat Chance. I have seen this truck at other events but hadn’t yet had the chance (see what I did there) to eat from it…..this was the day! I was determined to get myself a flatbread sandwich. Everything on the menu looked great! Whenever I can’t decide what to order, I ask the experts what they recommend, so the Angus Steak it was. Strips of seasoned angus steak, roasted veggies, provolone cheese, and their special tiger sauce gets wrapped up in, you guessed it, a flatbread. So so good! Is there anything better than perfectly roasted peppers and onions on a cheesy meat filled sandwich? The answer is no. It didn’t take Alex (the aforementioned husband) and I long at all to gobble it up. 

Next up, Crossroads Bistro Fusion Cuisine. I probably could have eaten every item on their menu, Maryland Crab Dip, Cheesecake Bites, Sopas Pie….I wanted it all! But I have learned at these events you have to pace yourself, so I chose the first thing that stood out to me….the Smoked Turkey Cranberry Maple Sandwich. When I placed my order, the cashier told me it was her favorite item on the menu. I knew I made a good choice. She also recommended I get it served hot. So hot it was! (I told you, I listen to the experts).

This was probably my favorite thing we ate that day. Ciabatta bread piled high with smoked turkey, lots of feta cheese, spinach, a cranberry maple spread, and a scallion aioli. They didn’t skimp on the feta which I love. Give me all the feta cheese!! I definitely need to try and recreate this at home. I could happily eat this for lunch everyday.    

I knew I wanted to visit 2 Bold Chefs & a Truck because I saw something online that I had to try. I wasn’t sure exactly what the dish was called but the owner was very nice and had me show him the picture so he could make it for me (Thank you!). It was a Falafel Wrap! Freshly baked pita bread was the vessel for this wrap and stuffed inside were delicious veggie patties and lots of fresh vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I am a big fan of hummus so I loved that this wrap had that too. It went perfectly with the falafel! What a great healthy lunch option that even these meat eaters loved!

On to the next truck…The Green Bowl. This truck featured some dishes that neither Alex or I have tried like Mofongo and Bibimbap. We debated on going for one of those but couldn’t pass up their Quesadilla Spring Rolls. Crispy spring rolls were stuffed with chicken and queso and served with an avocado sauce for dipping. We loved the crunchy texture of the wrapping, mixed with the cheesy filling. And dipped in that avocado sauce….you can’t go wrong. I love anything avocado!  

So after eating all of those delicious savory dishes, I had developed a sweet tooth that needed to be satisfied. Luckily, Wilde Thyme was serving up some Fried Apple Rings. One order of apple rings please! The kids loved these. They are big apple fans so of course they would love them fried and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar. Who wouldn’t love that? 

We had been smelling barbeque since we arrived, so our last stop was at Smokin J’s BBQ. Alex got an order of the Beef Brisket (we were too stuffed to order more but had to try something from this truck). Now I will say that I am very picky about barbeque. It needs to be perfect and this brisket was pretty close to it. I loved the crispy burnt ends and that sauce…..that sauce was amazing! The brisket had lots of smoky flavor which we both appreciated. We will need to hunt this truck down another day and try more from their menu! We will be back Smokin J’s!

Here is the part where I tell you we are so full we couldn’t eat another bite, which is a shame because there were many other trucks we wanted to try! I am so glad we were able to attend this event and experience dishes from multiple trucks. What a fun way to spend the day! I can’t wait for the next event and I hope to see you there!


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