Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail 2017

A couple years ago one of my friends told me about the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail. I had never heard of it before and was immediately intrigued. If there is ice cream you can count me in! The trail features nine dairy farms that serve fresh and delicious ice cream right where it’s made….on the farm! You can go to Maryland’s Best‘s website and print out your very own Ice Cream Trail Passport so that you can join in. This passport contains all the information you will need to visit all nine dairies and become a “Trail Blazer”. At each farm you will have to collect a stamp and answer a question about the dairy farming industry. How fun does that sound? I love that you can travel around seeing different parts of Maryland while supporting small local businesses…oh and you get to eat lots and lots of delicious ice cream! My mom and I attempted to complete the trail in 2016 but it just didn’t happen(that was a very busy Summer). So at the beginning of the Summer in 2017, my friend Amy and I made it our mission to visit all the dairies and complete our trail passports. We knew it would be a challenge since we had four kids under the age of two and a half but we were determined! I am proud to say we completed the trail and had lots of fun along the way. Now I bring to you our Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail Adventure…….

Kilby Cream

Our first stop was Kilby Cream located in Rising Sun, Maryland. The drive to this farm was just beautiful! When we pulled in we were happy to see a playground for the kids as well as animals they could say hello to. Many of these farms are located over an hour from where we live so having a place for the kids to burn off some energy before we head back home is a mom’s dream! This was such a beautiful day that we were able to spend a few hours playing. We got there a little before the farm store opened, so we found a picnic table and brought out the packed lunches we had made. 

After lunch it was playtime! The kids loved the playground, said hello to all of the animals, and took a walk through the straw bale maze.

Time to head into the farm store and get some ice cream! Kilby Cream offers well over 40 flavors which made my decision difficult until I saw Tractor Tracks. One scoop on a cake cone please!

Our first trail stop was a huge success. We had a lot of fun getting our feet wet and were looking forward to the next farm!

South Mountain Creamery

Our next farm was a little closer to home. We are always hearing South Mountain Creamery on the radio telling us about their delicious ice cream and milk delivery services, so I was excited to finally get to visit their farm. Where there is a dairy farm there are lots and lots of calves. At South Mountain Creamery you can go spend some time with these adorable little guys and even get the chance to bottle feed one! They are open 365 days a year and offer a self guided tour where you can learn more about how the farm operates. This is a real treat for both kids and the grownups!

Before visiting with the calves we got our ice cream fix. I went with chocolate on a cake cone and the kids chose peach and blackberry. Delicious! 

Danny, Mackenzie, and Brody made sure to say hello to every calf in the barn and there were a lot! We were even able to see some cows being milked. What a great learning opportunity for the kids! Thank you South Mountain Creamery for a wonderful day!

Rocky Point Creamery

Rocky Point Creamery in Tuscarora, Maryland was our next destination. It was such a beautiful Summer day. Look at those clouds! When we arrived the kids ran right over to the play area. They had a combine turned into a playset with a slide and Danny loved pretending he was the driver. We spent a few hours here playing. The perfect day!

After playing in the hot sun, it was time to get what we came for. I had one scoop of chocolate and one scoop of peanut butter in a cup. Oh my goodness that peanut butter ice cream was amazing! I need to go back and get some more of that pronto! Danny chose mint chocolate chip and Mackenzie went with strawberry because it was pink. They all enjoyed eating their ice cream outside on the cow bench. So cute! 

Stop number three is complete and we are enjoying every minute of this ice cream trail!

Misty Meadows Farm Creamery

Tour stop number four sent us to beautiful Washington County, Maryland where the landscape is filled with rolling farmland and orchards. At Misty Meadows Farm Creamery you can of course find lots of freshly made ice cream but they also have a fantastic play area for the kids with pedal tractors, playsets, and lots of friendly animals that will keep your kids busy and having fun for hours.  

I went back to an oldie but a goodie with my ice cream choice this time…..chocolate chip cookie dough in a waffle cone. Does anyone else get really excited over fresh waffle cones!? YUM!

Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard

This next creamery we have actually visited many times and their ice cream is to die for! Woodbourne Creamery is located at Rock Hill Orchard in Mount Airy, Maryland. While you are there picking up some fresh milk and ice cream made from their Guernsey cows, you can also take home some local fruits and vegetables and even pick your own if you like. 

Every time I visit Woodbourne Creamery I always get two scoops of dark chocolate ice cream on a waffle cone. You have to give their dark chocolate a try. It is heavenly! I did try and talk the kids out of getting chocolate ice cream because I knew it would end up all over their clothes but their minds were made up. We used a lot of napkins :). 

After devouring our ice cream we drove up the hill to meet the cows. The cows were grazing way out in the field but we were able to say hello to some cute calves that seemed happy to have visitors. We are hoping to return to the creamery this year to take a tour to see how their operation works….and you know…for more ice cream!

Broom’s Bloom Dairy

Our next adventure was to Bloom’s Broom Dairy in Harford County. We found ourselves there on a beautiful Saturday and man was it packed! In addition to their ice cream, Bloom’s Broom also has a cafĂ© where you can get soups, sandwiches, salads, and more. It is a very popular place to be so we knew it had to be good. We decided to give some of the menu items a try and ordered lunch before diving into our ice cream. I got the spinach and bacon quiche and we ordered sandwiches for the kids.

Both Amy and I went with the peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream on a waffle cone. Yes, another waffle cone. This flavor was amazing! Apparently I really like the peanut butter chocolate combo. We both wished we had brought a cooler so a large amount of that ice cream could have gone home with us. Lesson learned. 

Before getting back in the car we let the kids run around for a bit to burn off some energy. Instead of heading home we decided to hit up another stop on the trail while we were in the area. Two ice creams in one day!? Why not! Just look at these happy faces!

Keyes Creamery

Keyes Creamery was located just down the road in Aberdeen, also in Harford County. Upon reading the menu we saw they had an interesting flavor….Sweet Old Bay. How can Marylanders pass that up without giving it a try? One scoop please! We also got one scoop of strawberry and one sweet cream with chocolate sauce. The consensus on the sweet old bay? Very interesting! I’m glad we tried it!

Right next to the ice cream shop there is a beautiful open field and what did that mean for us? The perfect place for the kids to play! They had a blast!

Chesapeake Bay Farms

Up next is the tour stop we weren’t quite sure how we would make it to. Chesapeake Bay Farms is a 3 hour drive from where we live and with 4 kids under two and half that’s quite a journey. But like I said before, Amy and I were determined so we planned an overnight trip! We left on Saturday morning and that 3 hour drive turned into a 5 hour one. Let’s just say it was a looooong drive. But finally we arrived to a boat ramp in Ocean City where Amy’s brother has a boat. He was kind enough to take us out on it and the kids were able to play on the beach for a couple hours. They loved it!

After a tiring day of travel we headed back to the hotel for some much needed take out pizza and sleep. Tomorrow would be ice cream day!

In the morning we had some time to kill before the dairy store opened so we visited Salisbury Zoological Park. We really enjoyed this park. It was the perfect size for little kids. They can walk the whole park without getting worn out and they had some great animals there.

Chesapeake Bay Farms has two locations. Their dairy farm in Pocomoke and their ice cream shop in Berlin. We decided to visit the one in Berlin because going to Pocomoke was going to make our drive home longer and we just didn’t think we could handle that! Danny and Mackenzie both chose vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and I got…well to be honest I can’t remember. Whoops! Looks like two scoops of something delicious in a waffle cone. After we had eaten our ice cream we let the kids play for a little longer and then it was time to pack everyone into the car for the drive home. I am happy to say that it was a much smoother drive than the trip over and most of the kids even napped! Hallelujah! 

Prigel Family Creamery 

The last stop on Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail has arrived! Welcome to Prigel Family Creamery in the beautiful Glen Arm, Maryland. We arrived just in time to see the cows switching from one field to another and were able to wave hello and say “Thanks for the ice cream”!

What makes Prigel Family Creamery special? Their dairy farm is certified organic and the cows are fed an all grass diet as opposed to supplementing with grain. It is nice to know that what you are eating and drinking contains no additives or hormones and is as straight from the cow as it can be!   

I chose the Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae: peanut butter ice cream, brownie, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry. Mmmm mmmm good! 

I hope you had fun following us along on this adventure! Do you think you will become a trail blazer on the Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Trail in 2018? I hope you go for it! We had an absolute blast and I don’t think the kids would mind going at it again this Summer :).  

I want to say thank you to Amy and her sweet boys Brody and Brayden for joining us on this adventure. Also a huge thanks to all of the hard working dairy farmers that make this trail a possibility!