My 21 Day Fix Adventure – Day 14

21 Day Fix, Day 14 | February 9, 2017 | By

On day 14, I was supposed to do Yoga, but I didn’t. I gave myself a rest day and promised to do two workouts tomorrow. I realized that I had only one diaper, besides the ones on my kids butts, so we headed out to Target early to do some shopping. I did get the diapers and wipes I needed, but also walked out with a bunch of other goodies. How do you make it out of that place under budget? I need blinders when I go in there or something!

I took my chocolate, banana, and peanut butter Shakeology with me in the car. 1 red / 1 purple / 1 teaspoon

 After Target, I was going to go to Wegmans and do my grocery shopping, but I was getting really hungry and didn’t want to eat something I would regret! So we went home and I made a delicious lunch. I had whole wheat crackers, tuna mixed with lemon juice and dill, sliced Granny Smith apples, and avocado. Please excuse how brown that poor thing is. It still tasted good though. 1 yellow / 1 red / 1 purple / 1 blue

The kids woke up early from their nap, and Alex was home from work early, so we decided to go to Wegmans together. Alex wanted Chipotle. He wanted it BAD. How could I say no? I ordered a burrito bowl with brown rice, chicken, cheese, and guacamole. I went over with my yellow and blue containers for the day, but it was so good! 1 yellow / 1 blue / 1 red 

Tomorrow starts my attempt at two a days! Wish me luck!

Weight Check = 165lbs

-7lbs Total