My 21 Day Fix Adventure: Day 1

21 Day Fix, Day 1 | January 26, 2017 | By

Well, after much deliberation and many excuses, I have decided to do the 21 Day Fix program. My husband and I have done this once before and had great results and we felt 100 times better! If you aren’t familiar with what the 21 Day Fix is, let me explain a little about it. It is a 3 week exercise and eating plan that helps you burn the most calories you can with the intense workouts while structuring your eating, using color coded containers. Based on your weight, you are put in a calorie range and within your calorie range you can eat a certain number of certain containers per day.

I am in the 1,200-1,499 calorie range and here is what my container allotment looks like per day.

3 Green Containers : Vegetables

2 Purple Containers: Fruits

4 Red Containers: Protein

2 Yellow Containers: Carbs

1 Blue Container: Healthy Fats

1 Orange Container: Dressings

2 teaspoons: Oils and Nut Butters

I keep my tally sheet posted on my refrigerator to keep track of what I am eating throughout the day.

I am going to be honest…..I had SO MANY excuses on why I didn’t want to do this program again. My husband and I are on a budget and buying all the foods we will need is going to be expensive. I also was thinking about the blog! I didn’t want to take a 3 week break from posting delicious recipes! Alex has been really pushing me to try another round, so we are doing it. Still full honesty here….I am not totally thrilled about the idea. Do I want to be more toned? Yes. Do I want to feel better and less bloated? Yes. But I also want to eat what I want when I want it….waaaaaa. But I am going to stop complaining and see this as just another adventure and a challenge for me to still make delicious food along the way!

I am looking forward to posting about what I am eating everyday for the next 21 Days and how this experience is going for me overall. I hope you will follow me along on this journey!

Now, I want to post before pictures but I am having a really hard time with even thinking about posting a picture of me in shorts and a sports bra… oh the horror! So I may eventually get that picture up, if I can do it without having a nervous breakdown.

Here is what breakfast looked like for me on Day 1. Scrambled eggs and spinach. Toast with almond butter. I used 2 teaspoons / 1 yellow / 1 red / 1/2 green.

A midday snack was a smoothie. I blended up fruit with some almond milk and ice. 1 purple / 1 blue.