Your Chef’s Table

A few weeks ago, my sister stumbled upon a farm market close by our house that we never even knew was there…..I love when that happens! Your Chef’s Table has an on farm market in Brookeville, Maryland where they are focused on sustainably growing healthy and delicious foods. At their market, you can find some of their beautiful produce, as well as their pasture raised chickens and their eggs! What really intrigued me about Your Chef’s Table was their Meal Kits. Every Thursday, you can drop by the farm and pickup a meal kit that is ready to take home and cook for your family. Want to see what they have to offer? Lucky for you I went and purchased two meal kits to give them a try!

I don’t know if you all know this about me, but I am a produce snob. For years I worked alongside my Dad at his store in the produce department. He taught me what to look for in different fruits and vegetables, how to tell if something is fresh, and we would never accept produce to the store that wasn’t up to his standards. Having my Dad’s “produce eyes” has made me extremely picky. So when I tell you that Your Chef’s Table has gorgeous produce, I mean it!

I love that on your way to the market you drive by the fields where the produce is grown and you can of course stop and say hello to the chickens!

Every week the chef/owner Russ Testa creates up to three different meal kit options based on what is in season at that time. They offer meat based meals and also vegetarian options! The week I visited, they were featuring a Tarragon Chicken with Couscous with Kale and Collard Confetti and Cucumber, Squash and Tomato Salad AND a Creamy Broccoli and Cabbage Soup with Spring Lettuce Salad.

The meal kit includes all of the raw ingredients you will need as well as step by step instructions on how to create the recipe. We wanted to try both recipes so we purchased one of each meal kit.

Now it’s time to head home and get cooking!

I have never tried a meal kit before and I LOVED this! I kept saying the whole time we were cooking that this is such a great idea! I might have been a little too excited about it ;). Total foodie here remember!?

The recipes were easy to follow and everything being grown right up the road from us made it really special. There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of different meal kit services out there. It has become quite a trend. I would prefer Your Chef’s Table over any other meal kit service for a few reasons. One, it is much more affordable than those other companies. Two, everything is local to me and I get to see where my food is coming from. Three, I love supporting a small business and local farmer! Four, everything was very fresh.

If you live in or around Montgomery County, Maryland I highly recommend you try these meal kits! If you can’t make it out to their farm on Thursdays, you can meet up with them at one of the areas Farmer’s Markets!    

Here is the Cucumber, Squash, and Tomato Salad.

The Tarragon Chicken served with Couscous with Kale and Collard Confetti. So delicious!

The Creamy Broccoli and Cabbage Soup. This soup had such a rich and roasted flavor. We really enjoyed this!

I am so happy that I found out about Your Chef’s Table. I want to thank Russ Testa and his team for creating such a great experience for me and my family. I can’t wait to come back for another meal kit!

Your Chef’s Table

19715 Zion Road

Brookeville, MD 20833