My 21 Day Fix Adventure – Day 13

21 Day Fix, Day 13 | February 9, 2017 | By

It’s Day 13! I can’t believe I am heading into the final week of this 21 Day Fix. Today was the Dirty 30 workout and I gave it my all. I really want to push myself this last week and ramp up my results. I can’t wait to see how my before and after pictures compare!

Breakfast was…surprise, surprise…oatmeal with bananas and maple syrup. 1 purple / 1 yellow

My mid morning snack was a chocolate and peanut butter Shakeology. 1 red / 1 teaspoon

For lunch, I had the rest of my leftover pork from a couple nights ago. I put it on corn tortillas with cheese, cabbage, and avocado. This is so delicious and feels like a cheat meal! 1 yellow / 1 red / 1 blue / 1/2 green

Dinner was delicious too. I roasted Brussel sprouts in olive oil until golden brown (a little to brown). The butternut squash was leftover from the other night. I sautéed yellow and green squash in a pan with Tuscan olive oil until tender. I also rubbed some chicken breasts in yellow mustard and cooked them in my grill pan. Who knew just putting mustard on chicken could make it taste so yummy? I also made a sauce out of what was left in the bottom of the pan, so it stayed really juicy.  

Please continue to root for me as I head into this last week. I am looking to reach my goal of losing 10 pounds total! 3 more pounds to go. Let’s do this!

Weight Check = 165lbs

-7lbs Total