My 21 Day Fix Adventure – Day 12

21 Day Fix, Day 12 | February 7, 2017 | By

Day 12 is here and it’s Super Bowl day! I have already told you that I plan on taking a break from my eating plan for the evening, so don’t be surprised when you see pictures of delicious goodies in this post. I knew I would be eating a lot for dinner, so I didn’t want to eat much up until then. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with some leftover potatoes from Alex’s dinner the night before. 1 1/2 red / 1 yellow

I did my workout while the kids napped because I knew I wouldn’t feel like doing it later. Cardio is so crazy! That gets your blood pumping! I made a post workout snack of yogurt, berries, bananas, and cinnamon to hold me off until dinner time. 1 red / 1 purple

Now for the fun stuff! I made Pesto Cheese Bombs with a marinara sauce for dipping. These were extremely easy to make and very satisfying. Who doesn’t love melted cheese in the middle of a biscuit?

I also made Loaded Sweet Potato Skins. Another really easy recipe to put together and they were topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, and spring onions.

Of course I had to make a dessert too! I had this No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie pinned on Pinterest and now was the time. This pie used Chips Ahoy cookies (a classic) and cool whip to create 3 layers of goodness. I had one slice of this and shared it with the kids, so not even a full slice to myself. I was tempted to go back for another slice but I didn’t.

So I have had my cheat day but I am hoping to finish strong! Autumn, the 21 Day Fix trainer, recommends you do 2 a day workouts the last week of the program to help get even greater results. I am really hoping to accomplish this. I would have to do one workout during naptime and one workout after the kids are in bed. Wish me luck!

Weight Check = 165lbs

-7lbs Total