My 21 Day Fix Adventure – Day 5

21 Day Fix, Day 5 | January 31, 2017 | By

It is decided guys……cardio is the hardest workout for me. I saw that today was cardio and I did NOT want to do it. But I pushed through and did better than I thought! I hope in the next two weeks I see a big improvement in how well I am able to handle it. I am already noticing that I am stronger both mentally, in pushing myself, and physically, in what I am able to do. I am also feeling really skinny and not just when I wake up in the morning. Before the 21 Day Fix I would feel skinny in the morning but then after that first cup of coffee I was bloated and stayed bloated throughout the day. Yuck! But on the Fix I stay feeling great all day long. So I am already seeing big changes!

Breakfast today was once again the oh so delicious yogurt, berries, bananas, cinnamon, and honey. 1 red / 1 1/4 purple

For lunch I had one of those flatbread pizzas I have been loving. I topped it with spinach, red onions, goat cheese (that stuff is my life), and garlic and had sliced Fuji Apples on the side. 1 yellow / 1 green / 3/4 purple

Have you heard of Shakeology? I couldn’t even tell you about all the healthy and wonderful ingredients it’s made of but I can tell you that it comes in chocolate and that’s what I need. It’s a meal replacement shake making it the perfect thing to take on the go. We had this for our first Fix and I wasn’t going to order it again because it is pretty expensive (and like I said we are on a budget) but Alex loves it. It is the easiest thing for him to make for breakfast in the morning and he can take it with him, which is great. The price breakdown is about $4 per shake and since it replaces a meal I guess that is pretty good. One scoop of Shakeology equals one red container. Sometimes I only used 1/2 a scoop in my shakes. Today for a snack I made:

Vanilla Mocha Shake (1 red container)

8oz brewed unsweetened coffee, cooled

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology

1/2 tsp. pure vanilla extract

8oz ice

(recipe from the 21 Day Fix eating plan book)

For dinner, I had pan seared shrimp with cauliflower rice and a spinach salad topped with creamy herb dressing. I found some frozen raw shrimp at Aldi at a great price! While on the Fix I love having shrimp for dinner because I feel like I am getting a lot of food, which is always a good thing. I seasoned this shrimp with a little bit of Creole seasoning and put them in my grill pan for a few minutes on each side. When they were almost done cooking, I added some minced garlic and that was it. A really simple and quick dinner. 2 red / 2 green / 1 orange

Thank you for following me along on this journey! Blogging about this is helping me to stay on track and stick to my eating guidelines. Day 6 is headed my way!

Weight Check = 167.5lbs

-4.5lbs Total