Day 1: Fireside Tavern

We have finally made it to dinner on the first day of our Lancaster County Foodie Adventure. After leaving Corner Coffee Shop we drove around and saw some beautiful Amish country before heading to Fireside Tavern. It is so peaceful up there, I just can’t get enough. If you haven’t been to Lancaster County you really must make a trip.   

Lancaster View

Lancaster View

Lancaster View

Lancaster View

Fireside Tavern is another one of those places that my sister Laura has been raving about. She couldn’t stop talking about their amazing daiquiris, so of course I needed to try one for myself. This cozy tavern is located in Strasburg, PA amongst beautiful rolling farmland. They provide a casual dining experience serving delicious elevated American comfort food. I love that it is family friendly and I felt very welcome bringing the twins along.

Fireside Tavern

Once we were seated, Laura went right ahead and ordered her virgin Mango Daiquiri. I thought I might stray from the idea and go for a signature cocktail but I ended up choosing the Peach Daiquiri, with alcohol please :). Laura was right, best daiquiri ever. That whipped cream on top…I don’t know what they do to make it so thick and irresistible…but I could eat a whole glass, or a couple glasses, of that stuff. It’s not normal whipped cream. It is something special. Of course the daiquiri itself was good, all fizzy, refreshing, and filled with peach flavor. Yum!

Fireside Tavern

Fireside Tavern

Making a decision on an entrée was difficult. The menu had so many great dishes to offer like crab cakes, jambalaya, shepherds pie, ribs, and steaks. Eventually you do have to decide, so I picked the Apricot Salmon. I loved this dish! Salmon is by far my favorite fish and I get so excited when it is treated right and not overcooked. This salmon was crusted with Cajun seasoning and topped with an apricot glaze and fried “I think” spinach leaves. Served alongside were green beans and jasmine rice. The jasmine rice was sticky so it soaked up the apricot glaze and that paired with a big chunk of juicy perfectly cooked salmon is the ultimate bite. The Cajun seasoning and the apricot was a great sweet and spicy combination. 

Apricot Salmon.

My mom chose the Prime Rib Sandwich and first impression…wow what a beauty. This gigantic piece of prime rib has been rubbed in seasonings and grilled until blackened. It had a ton of flavor and went really well with the horseradish mayonnaise its served with. Onion rings came as the side and as you can see they were huge too. Overall this sandwich was well seasoned and it’s a great dish to order if you have a big appetite!

Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich.

Laura ordered the Smoked Salmon BLT Salad. Smoked salmon was served on top of a bed of mixed greens along with tomatoes, bacon, hard boiled eggs, and red onion. The dressing was a lemon dill ranch…oh my goodness was that dressing good. The salmon had tons of flavor (they really know how to cook salmon), the veggies were fresh, and coating it all in a delicious dressing couldn’t hurt.

Needless to say, we were all very happy with our dinners! We also loved our waitress who gave us great service. Thanks Fireside Tavern for a lovely dinner!

Smoked Salmon BLT Salad.

After leaving Fireside Tavern we headed to our home for the night. We stayed at Olde Stone Guesthouse which is a beautiful tranquil bed and breakfast in Atglen just a short drive from Strasburg. We were greeted by the inn keeper Florence who is so sweet and welcoming. She showed us to our rooms and we agreed on a time for breakfast the next morning. Good night everyone!

Old Stone Guesthouse


Olde Stone Guesthouse.

Fireside Tavern

1500 Historic Drive

Strasburg, PA 17579

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