Lancaster County Foodie Adventure

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places to be. My sister Laura fell in love with it while interning at a Bed and Breakfast there and has become very familiar with the area. She loves to go up whenever she can and sometimes the twins and I are lucky enough to go along. I too have quickly fallen in love with it and wish I could move there tomorrow! The gently rolling hills are filled with beautiful Amish farms where they work hard to maintain their way of life. Many farms have roadside stands where Amish families sell what they have grown or made. Laura knows all the delicious places to eat and shop and happily volunteers to be our tour guide. I knew I needed to go on another trip so I could blog about it (oh the sacrifices us food bloggers have to make). My Mom, Laura, the twins and I stayed two nights at the Old Stone Guesthouse in Atglen and spent a few days driving around and eating lots of amazing food.

Now, there was way too much deliciousness on this trip for one blog post. Consider this a sneak peek. I have listed all the places that we visited below and as I post about each place, that name will become a link and take you to read all about it. 

I hope you enjoy!

Our map shows our stops and also some scenic driving.

 Day One:

          Lunch at Speckled Hen

          Bird in Hand Bake Shop

          Stoltzfus Meats

          Corner Coffee Shop

          Dinner at Fireside Tavern

Day Two: 

          Breakfast at Olde Stone Guesthouse

          Hillside Bulk Foods

          September Farm  

          Dinner at Speckled Hen

Day Three:

          Breakfast at Olde Stone Guesthouse

          Kitchen Kettle Village:

                  Aged and Cured

                  Olive Basin

                  Jam and Relish Kitchen


Lancaster View

Lancaster View

Speckled Hen

Produce at September Farm

Nachos at Speckled Hen

  1. Bonnie
    July 8, 2016

    We started going there when I saw your Mom’s pictures of you and Christine at Country Log House Farm B and B. Love that area! Recognize most of the places you have posted and am in love with the pretzels at Country Roadside Stand. When your kids get a little older, you should have dinner with an Amish family. Along with good homemade food, you can learn more about their lifestyle and beliefs.

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